At Andrew Richard Designs, we specialize in creating custom-made and uniquely designed outdoor furnishings. Whether it’s adapting existing products or crafting an entirely new collection tailored to your space, style, and design preferences, we cater to projects of all scales.

Clientele Diversity

Beyond serving private residential clients, Andrew Richard Designs collaborates with the world’s premier hotels, restaurants, and corporate businesses. Our expertise lies in designing outdoor environments and experiences that align seamlessly with each client’s brand and specific requirements.

Design Consultation

Interested in transforming your outdoor space? Contact us to schedule a design consultation at our downtown showroom. Our team is ready to bring your vision to life.


Solartex Weave

To ensure superior quality, we’ve developed a patented woven material known as Solartex. Comprising high-density polyethylene reinforced with fine PVC fibers, it mimics the look and feel of wicker. Solartex boasts resilience against sun, salt, acid rain, pollution, and extreme temperatures, making it fade, crack, and split-resistant—an ideal solution for both commercial and residential outdoor projects.

Aluminum Frames

Our frames are constructed using tubular and cast aluminum, a weather-resistant, rust-proof, non-corroding material. With a 2.5-3mm aluminum tube thickness exceeding industry standards, our furniture is designed for strength, durability, and comfort.

Teak and Reclaimed Teak

Handcrafted and carved, our teak furniture complements any outdoor environment. Sourced from Indonesia, teak is a renewable, eco-friendly resource rich in natural oils, providing protection against extreme weather. Additionally, we offer reclaimed teak, an environmentally friendly option, reviving weather-beaten pieces to create unique and sustainable final products.

Stainless Steel

For a modern touch, our stainless steel furnishings offer sleek and stylish designs. With a thin chromium oxide film providing corrosion and rust resistance, stainless steel is durable and reliable outdoors, even in harsh climates. Its low heat conductivity prevents exposed frames from becoming too hot in direct sunlight.